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LaTeX to SVG

Convert LaTeX equations to SVG using MathJax
Rendered equation (SVG)
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$$x = \sin{\pi}$$
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1 ex = 8 px
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Copy-paste the above text into your favorite text editor, and save it as *.svg file.

Notes and hints

  • You can open/import the downloaded *.svg file with Inkscape for further editing. Inkscape also allows you to export the equation as PDF document or PNG image.
  • In all modern browsers, you can insert SVG source code directly into a HTML document.
  • Rendering is performed within your browser. If you cache this page, you don't need an internet connection to render equations.
  • The equations are rendered using MathJax 3, which supports many TeX/LaTeX commands.
  • This has been tested with recent versions of Firefox and Chrome, but may work in other browsers as well.
  • With Chrome, you can add this as a web app to your home screen.
  • If you are using a Mac, you may also like LaTeXiT by Pierre Chatelier.

Questions, Suggestions and Bug Reports

Please direct questions, suggestions, and bug reports to Thomas Lochmatter.