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A bearing and distance calculator

gps-bearing calculates the bearing and distance from one WGS84 point (aka GPS position) to another. This is the kind of calculation needed for two directional antennas to point to each other, or a camera to point towards a specific target.

Online calculator

Your position and orientation Use your current location
Latitude (N):
Longitude (E):
Target position
Latitude (N):
Longitude (E):
Type negative latitude angles for points on the southern hemisphere, and negative longitude angles for points in the west. Zero heading, pitch, and roll means that you are standing upright on a levelled surface, and facing north.

Bearing and distance from your position to the target position

Horizontal angle:
Vertical angle:

Turn left (counter-clockwise, mathematical sense) by the indicated horizontal angle, and then up by the indicated vertical angle.
You are now looking towards the target.


This is a command line tool for Linux and Mac OS X.

Track flying objects

gps-bearing is a small part of a system to track flying objects with an antenna or a camera. If you are interested in the whole source code, do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Questions, Suggestions and Bug Reports

Please direct questions, suggestions, and bug reports to Thomas Lochmatter.


CC BY 4.0 (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International), with Thomas Lochmatter ( as the author.